MSU Police Gearing Up for School Year

Midwestern State is seeing a boost in student population.  The University is expecting to see a five percent increase in students and that not only effects housing and class sizes, but could mean more problems for university police.

Right now, they're getting their staff together and speaking to students about how to stay safe.  They've already spoken to half a dozen organizations on crime prevention, hoping to make sure that no one becomes a victim.

If it isn't the police department informing freshman Matthew Hanna about keeping his belongings together then it's his parents.

"Everything I packed they told me to not get it stolen," said Hanna.

They just want to make sure what happened to sophomore Oswald Njoku doesn't happen to him.

"I came back to my room and I could tell that someone had been through my stuff.  I asked my roommate he said he didn't know.  It was gone.  It was missing," said Njoku.

His Xbox was no where to be seen so he went to the campus police and a week later they found it.

"Any college campus you always have an issue with theft," said Chief of Police Dan Williams.

He says theft is a big problem and knows it will happen every year.  So Chief Williams is offering some tips to students.

"Be aware of their surroundings and again the biggest thing keep their doors locked in their dorms," said Williams.

To help the fight against crime cameras can be found inside and outside many buildings and they're looking to add even more.

"You can cover a lot of territory with a camera, and it helps save on your man power as well," said Chief Williams.

The university doesn't have an above average crime rate but they're always on the lookout for thieves, just like Oswald Njoku.

"You gotta make sure you take that precaution of making sure your valuables are safe and protected."

Chief Williams says to keep up with the enrollment they are looking to hire three more officers in the near future.

For students walking through campus late at night campus police do offer an escort service.   All you have to do is call them at 397-4239.