ESCAPE FROM ANNEX: Search for Deante Continues

WANTED: Deante Huntley, also known as Deante Combs
WANTED: Deante Huntley, also known as Deante Combs

The hunt is on for the last remaining inmate continues.  23-year-old Deante Huntley is the only escapee to elude law enforcement today.

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies are using all their resources including helicopters, dogs and horses.  Yet it hasn't led to his capture so they'll continue to search throughout the night.

"We have multiple teams on the southeast part of Wichita Falls working it right now," said Wichita County Sheriff, David Duke.

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office is working through all the leads trying to pin down an exact location of Huntley.  So far they haven't been able to find him.

They do have enough information to believe he is hiding in Wichita Falls.

"We're not going to stop tonight or tomorrow until we apprehend this last individual," said Sheriff Duke.

Agencies from across Texoma have helped in the search to find him, but have since backed off.   Yet Sergeant Joe Snyder with the Wichita Falls Police Department says officers are checking addresses when asked.
"I'm very please with the response that we had.  We reacted appropriately with all the assets that we had.  We got three of the four we're not going to finish until we get this fourth one," said Sheriff Duke.

Sheriff David Duke says after the escape 15 to 20 inmates were transferred to Cooke County.  No one was injured during the escape itself or the search for the escapees, but a few law enforcement officials did suffer from heat related illnesses.

If you have any information on Deante Huntley's whereabouts please contact the Wichita County Sheriff's Office at 940-766-8170.