Search For "Bonnie And Clyde" Is Over

The hunt for the so called "Bonnie and Clyde" is over.

Authorities caught John McCluskey and his fiance-cousin Casslyn Welch in Northern Arizona.

They have been on the run since July 30th when Welch helped McCluskey and two other inmates escape from an Arizona prison.

Authorities have been looking all over the west one tip led them to Wyoming and others to Southern Canada.

A forest ranger spotted Welch and McCluskey at a campground in Arizona, both were armed.

"The swat officers obviously had their guns on her and she dropped the firearm," U.S. Marshal David Gonzales said. "If he had gotten back to the tent, there was a gun there and he would've killed the officers involved."

The couple and Tracy Province an inmate caught in Wyoming have been tied to the murder of an Oklahoma couple in New Mexico.

Province and Daniel Renwick, the third inmate, were captured earlier this month in Colorado and Wyoming, both convicted of murder.