ESCAPE FROM ANNEX: Deontae Huntley's Many Names

Since the escape from the Annex, NewsChannel 6 has been digging through pages of police reports and public records. What we've uncovered is that Deontae Deshawn Huntley has several names with different spellings.

Even Deputy Melvin Joyner with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office confirms, "he has several names."

The multiple names, even confused Dep. Joyner. When asked by News Channel 6 to clarify the spelling he said, "it's actually Dionte, I'm sorry, there are so many names's Deontae Deshawn Huntley."

But there is a problem with that. Almost all the police reports and court documents that News Channel 6 pulled has the suspect's name as Devonte Deshawn Combs. In 2 reports, the Deputies state that when asked about his name, Huntley referred to himself as Deontae Deshawn Huntley. When no record of Huntley was found, Deputies conducted a two finger lookup through AFIS Livescan Machine that "revealed the true identity of Devontae Deshawn Combs."

Yet the Sheriff's Office still says the suspect's name is, "Deontae Deshawn Huntley."

Deputy Joyner did give a potential reason for the switch saying, "when he was booked in, he used some fictitious I.D.'s that he had gotten from a relative and that's where the confusion was. But we have confirmed who he is and now and we're following up."

Deputy Joyner also explained that it may be several days or even weeks until all of the identities and records of the suspect are known.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6