Training Camp Road Trip: Olney Cubs

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

The Olney Cubs are not patient for football to start. That's a good thing.

"Our guys are charged up and ready to go," said Olney Head Coach Gunter Rodriguez. "We've pushed them harder in practice than we ever pushed them. They met us challenge for challenge, battle for battle. They're ready to go, they're excited for 2010."

"Always on our butts, trying to get us to get going harder and we're on each other's butts all the time trying to go harder, trying to improve from last year's 3-7," said Olney Quarterback Kyle Turner.

That's the Cubs motivation in 2010. They're out for redemption towards a winning season.

"Put in a new defensive system," said Olney Lineman Randy Hirsch. "It's kind of a new page in the book. We're ready to move forward and just forger about last year."

"These guys came into camp really intense," said Rodriguez. "We got a new coaching staff, they brought a lot of intensity to the staff. All these guys, coaches especially have really taken over the team and done a great job."

Olney is moving from Class 2A to 1A. They don't plan to let up.

"Doesn't matter a bit," said Rodriguez. "There's great football in Class 1A and 2A. We're going to step up to the challenge and it's going to be a heck of a challenge. When we heard about the realignment, we just know, our job is this to get better every week and that's all we're going to focus on."

"They know it's no different," said Turner. "Not the same district, but it's tough, a bunch of competitors. Albany going to state and Seymour going deep in the playoffs."

"Every team on are schedule is a great team and there are no easy games this year," said Hirsch.

The Cubs live by one motto: I am Olney.

"It has to be I am responsible, I am accountable, I am ethical, I am honorable," said Rodriguez. "It's a call to accountability for all our kids."

"Believe it with all our heart," said Turner. "The harder we practice, the more they believe."

"I have to show up to practice, I have to be accountable for my teammates and I have to do my part before we can all win," said Hirsch.

They have talent coming back, but many new faces will have to bring it come game day.