Amending the Annex

The Sheriff's Office is optimistic that the Jail Annex is going to be newer and improved after all the 'activities' over the weekend.

The $46,381 plan promises to fix structural and security concerns. According to Deputy Melvin Joyner with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office, the timing of the fix up couldn't be better. "Things are a little less hectic out there now" he says.

The Sheriff's Office spent over 36 hours tracking the 4 escaped inmates, who crawled through the ceiling of the jail. Before the Sheriff's Office can pat themselves on the back for bringing the inmates back to jail, the Sheriff's Office needs to get back to work.

"Right now,  we met with the architect and some contractors, " says Dep. Joyner, "They are looking at the jail, addressing any areas of concern or any areas of weakness that we need to address and we will be addressing those issues immediately."

While they are addressing the issues, the Sheriff's Office wants to let the public know that the jail is safe.

"It's always been safe, but we did find a couple of areas of weakness and address that, " says Dep. Joyner, "and we'll continue to look at the situation and address it as needed."

Deputy Joyner wouldn't confirm any of the specific areas of concern or weakness in the jail because, simply, he doesn't want any more people to get out.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6