City of Graham Discusses Immigration Law

Graham resident David Jones presented a immigration resolution to City Council members in Graham last Thursday. Immigration is not an issue that is taken lightly amongst Texoma residents. Although many had a lot to say about the controversial subject only a few were willing to comment to Newschannel Six about the matter.

"I think its a good idea I don't think they should be protected if they can get citizenship and do everything else they'd be legal that way, I mean I'm sure a lot of people feel that way," said Graham resident, Josh Bechtel.

The Graham residents we spoke to are split on the issue and some have a tougher stance on illegal immigration, but others just don't feel it's necessary to have a resolution.

The resolution that was proposed would declare Graham a "Rule of Law" city that Jones modeled after a resolution that passed in Costa Mesa, California. In basic terms it means Graham would uphold federal immigration laws at a local level, but most people say they don't feel illegal immigration is a problem in Graham.

"Well everyone from the United States came from somewhere else my own ancestors came from Germany one hundred thirty five years ago they came legally they learned the language I think everyone should come to the united states," said a Texoma resident.

City Manager Larry Fields says Graham has no plans on becoming a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.  Fields says City Council is not  taking any action at this time in making Graham a "Rule of Law" city, but he is researching the topic.

The proposed resolution also includes language that welcomes legal immigrants.  It it says illegal immigrants and migrants impose burdens on citizens which include decreased job opportunities, increased fiscal costs for education, law enforcement, health care and social services.