Wichita Falls Farmers Market

Texomans are hungry for the farmers market, so hungry that business has been booming all summer. Much of the money is pumped right back into Wichita Falls.

"A lot of our customers, are customers that have been with us for years, they keep coming back plus we always attract new customers," said Becky Morath President, Charlie- Thornberry Farmers Market Association

The Charlie-Thornberry Farmers Market Association has been connecting Texoma farmers and consumers since 2006. Morath and her husband have been farming for 29 years and she says the market in downtown Wichita Falls  does helps the economy in more ways than one.

"Well all of the farmers are turning around and spending their money in Wichita falls so it keeps the money here in Wichita Falls which is good you know I buy all my stuff her in town so it keeps the money here and we support on another," said Morath.

In Wichita Falls, farmers are able to get the highest price for produce at retail cost as opposed to wholesale. Also with major food recalls making national headlines one big benefit for residents is knowing where the food is coming from.

Majority of Morath's products are picked the day before and sold the day after- she says its an example of how fresh the produce is at the farmers market. Ernest Seigler, another Texoman farmer, says he likes what he grows at his farm  is able to be sold locally.

The downtown farmers market will be open until September 25th.