Senator Cornyn On Wichita Falls As A Beacon

Two of Texoma's congressional delegate were in Wichita Falls today.

Both Congressman Mac Thornberry and Senator John Cornyn spoke at today's "Eggs and Issues" breakfast. They talked a lot about the success of the city in bringing in new businesses as a shining example that not only other Texas cities can follow but also officials in Washington DC who are struggling to get the national economy back on track.

Senator Cornyn said, "Leadership matters and the fact of the matter is that Wichita Falls has built on Texas success as a state in welcoming new employers and job creator to this region that makes a big difference the problem with Washington these days is that a lot of the policies emanating from Washington DC are job killers, not job creators."

The senator said he wants to take the aggressive approach Wichita Falls took back to Washington and show the career politicians how it should be done. We'll hear more from the senator tonight at ten.