Senator Cornyn Talks With Newschannel Six On A Bevy Of Topics

Business leaders from all across north Texas gathered this morning in Wichita Falls for the Eggs and Issues breakfast. Two members of Texoma's congressional delegation were at that meeting. We got a chance to speak with U.S. Senator John Cornyn on a bevy of topics.

Eggs were had and issues were discussed. Senator Cornyn took questions from Texoma business leaders, and then from us. He told Newschannel Six that Wichita Falls was a place some in Washington could learn something from.

"I think what the administration and what the leaders of congress need to do is take some lessons learned from what's caused our success in Texas things like keeping taxes low, common sense regulation, free trade, right to work laws, common sense tort reform. Those are some of the things that together with open arms welcoming policy have caused us to grow jobs not to lose them," said Senator Cornyn.

We also asked the Senator about the tax cuts that President Bush made that are set to expire in December. He says will be another blow to the economy.

Senator Cornyn says, "Unless congress acts we will see in 129 days the single largest tax increase in American history $3 trillion worth of new taxes. Of course we know that new taxes will discourage small businesses from hiring expanding or growing their business and that's not a message we want to send we want we want to send a message that we want you to add jobs not lose those jobs."

In November voters will head to the polls across the nation for mid-term elections.. Every seat in congress is up for grabs and just over a third of the senate seats. It could completely change the congressional make up and Senator Cornyn said it comes down to two choices.

"I think that's kind of the choice, do we want to turn more and more of our freedoms over to our government to pick winners and losers in the economy and in life or do we want to pursue our individual dreams with the freedom we have to do that or people to succeed and use that success in order to create jobs and opportunity for others," says the Senator.

Senator Cornyn is not up for re-election this November. His term won't expire for another two years. Congressman Mac Thornberry who also spoke today at that same meeting is up for re-election.