Allred Prison Unit Holds Mock Escape Drill, Trains Dogs

Just days after the escape from annex Texas Department of Corrections Officials are working to beef up response to any possible escape from the Allred Unit. This morning the hunt was on for a corrections officer posing as an escaped inmate. The scenario was that around 7 A.M. a trustee got out of the dormitory, and took off to the south. Officers set up a perimeter around the unit. Bloodhounds got on the trail and tracked him in about 90 minutes.

The Assistant Warden, Glen Whitfield, said drills like this are key to staying ready. "They're very important, we do them just to practice just in case we do lose one so we will know what to do and how to respond to them." The Texas Department of Corrections requires Allred to hold two drills a year. One is done tabletop style, where the scenario is played out in a room. The other is live action like the one done today.