Local Food Safety

Texoma grocery stores and farmers are taking extra precautions in the wake of food recalls that have been snagging national headlines.

Here in Texoma  a local farmer delivers produce straight to United Market Street. Her farm goes though certain procedures to make sure their food is safe and clean. Morath mentioned their primary concern is getting products immediately into the hands of the consumer.

"I  think a lot of it is not spraying any chemicals on it  and making sure you don't have any animals out in the fields. That type of thing keeps any bacteria or anything like that away," said Morath.

When it comes to working with produce they look at the personal hygiene of all their employees and make sure the tools they pick the produce with are sanitary.  Morath Orchard employees also wash the produce before packing it and distributing it to United Market Street.

"We deliver or sell the product as soon as possible too, our point is to have a very quick over turn where the produce is getting to the consumer as quick as possible," said Morath.

"Most of the stuff that's fresh from the farms they're held to the same standard as the big companies and they are checked thoroughly our local farmers and growers take a lot of pride in their product because they're in the community their buyers are in,"Aaron Bistrow, Manager of Market Street.

Morath also said national food recalls have actually benefited local farmers. That's because living in taxman, you can find out where your food is coming from, who it is coming from and also talk to area farmers about how they grow their produce.

The manager of Market Street also commented that as soon as produce hits their doorstep, they check it to make sure its fresh and get it on the shelf as soon as possible. They say their goal is to have a quick turnover so the food you buy will last longer.