Salmonella Outbreak Investigation

Even as investigators continue to search for the cause of that salmonella outbreak, hens at the two Iowa farms linked to the recall continue to lay eggs.

So what's happening to the recalled eggs and the fresh ones? They could still end up on a store shelf near you.

Some of the recalled eggs are being sent to egg processing facilities, along with fresh ones that infected hens are still producing.

The eggs will be cooked, pasteurized and used in products like ice cream and mayonnaise.

The FDA said it's legal and safety experts insist there's little risk.

"Once you've taken the action to kill the bacteria then it's fine to put it in these other products so I wouldn't worry about eating a pasteurized egg product that came from these recalled eggs," Michael Hansen said.

Federal investigators are still trying to pinpoint the exact source of the outbreak.

According to the CDC, roughly 40 new cases of salmonella were reported in the last week.

That's on top of the 1,3000 people who've already gotten sick.