What Brings You to Hotter N Hell Hundred?

Thousands have come from all over the world for Hotter H Hell Hundred 2010.

Whether it's to participate or just spectate.... There's something about this Wichita Falls' tradition that draws them in.

Newschannel 6 wanted to know... What brings you to the race this weekend?

We caught up with several Hotter N Hell participants at the consumer show.

Many of them from right here in Texoma.

"HHH started the year I was born so I'm kind of partial. And my dad rides bike."

Alicia Eison has ridden in the race several times over the years.... Becoming not only a birthday- but a family tradition as well.

"I've ridden tandem with my dad and my sister has ridden with him," says Eison.

"I positioned myself at the first turn for the 10k ride and I saw a lot of young people in 1981 and I've seen a lot of them grow up over the years and some have become nationally ranked cyclist so getting in touch with folks who have been with the ride for a long time is really gratifying," says HHH Committee Chairman Roby Christie.

Some travel from across state lines... Just to be in the middle of the masses.

"The attraction of having 12-15 thousand people all riding bikes and all loving the same sport. It's good exercise," HHH participant Robert White told Newschannel 6.

It is good exercise.... And for some- helping pro-long their life.

"When you get my age at 54 it's bucket list items and things you want to challenge yourself to and see if you can accomplish. A year ago my doctor told me to loose weight or die so in last year lost 100 pounds and decided to do HHH, just an adventure," said rider Kenny Price.

For others... It's an adventure... But also something much more serious- an intense competition.

"These are really sweet bikes, these are the kind Lance Armstrong rides."

Whatever it is that brings you to hotter n hell.... Organizers want to make sure you come back.

"We're working hard to perpetuate the HHH and to continue doing good for cycling in Texas and cycling in Wichita Falls."

The best place to watch is from the east steps of the Kay Yeager Coliseum.