Electra Texas Enterprise Zone Program

The City of Electra is doing its part to help their largest employer stay in the area and help retain and create more jobs.

Electra's Economic Development Coordinator, Jannis Hayers said Cameron Solutions Inc. met with the community in hopes of having their support for a Texas program.

"What Electra has done is nominate our largest employer, Cameron Solution Incorporated as an Enterprise Program," said Hayers.

According to Hayers, Cameron Solutions Inc. promised to keep all 170 jobs at the plant, along with adding ten to twenty more. However, in order for the company to even apply for the program they need to be nominated by the people who they will be impacting the most, the City of Electra.

"With that as a pledge on the part of the company the City of Electra is very happy to nominate them for this project status," said Hayers.

In the application the company has promised to also make a five million dollar capital investment. Some of that money will be used to make some renovations on the plant- all done with the incentive of getting a sales tax rebate.

"If the application is successful, it will mean some sales tax rebate to the company on products that they buy and their ability to demonstrate to the state that they have met the benchmarks that they set out in their application," said Hayers.

Electra City Commissioners voted unanimously to apply for the program.This Texas program is very completive, the state is expected to receive a multitude of applications from across the state.

The Texas Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development tool for local communities to partner with the state of Texas to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas.

The application deadline is September 1st.