Hotter 'N Hell Hundred 2010 Finish line Village

Tens of thousands of riders and thousands more volunteers are recovering after a long day in the Texoma sun. The 2010 Hotter 'N Hell Hundred kicked off at7:04 a.m. Saturday with a flyover from the United States Air Force and a cannon blast from an Army model 1841 cannon.

A few hours into the event, the party started up in "Finishline Village".  Thousands of folks gathered to welcome the riders in with claps, cheers and "more cowbell".

Ron Campbell has been riding in the race for the last 18 years. He said the atmosphere keeps bringing him back: "..Great town, great people," said Campbell.

The athletes came in all ages, shapes and sizes. So did the bikes. Several riders even had bikes powered by hand.

Finishline Village offered meals, refreshments and even showers provided by the Texas Baptist disaster relief workers, however a fire hose spray nozzle proved to be more popular.

Riders found the cool water refreshing after a long ride.