2010 Hotter'N Hell Hundred

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

Welcome to the big show! The Hotter'N Hell Hundred; a rider's bike paradise.

"It was great," said Jeff Wright. "I loved it. It was really exciting and I met a lot of new people."

"Fabulous, wonderful," said Brenda. "We had such a good time. Everything was so put together."

"My favorite part was when there was some downhill parts," said Jack Matthews.

"This is my first time doing this actually and I'm guest riding for Team Metro FCS," said Jackie Curth. "I just came out to support the team and the race."

The weekend kicked off the event's 29th year, with over 14,000 riders coming across the entire United States. This race puts Wichita Falls on the map.

"The real identity around the world as international people come in," said Douglas English.

"It's incredible for Wichita Falls," said Kathy. "Living here and biking, you wouldn't want to live in another place with a bike."

The race has 5 different events, starting from 10 k to 100 miles. Everyone made sure they were ready to go.

"It's not something you come out and do at the drop of a hat, but you obviously you want to put in the miles, prepare for it," said Rick Francis.

"I ride about four times a week from 5:30-6:30 in the morning so I try to put in about 10-15 miles," said Charles Collier.

Most of the time the race gets pretty dang hot. This year the riders got a little break, the weather was perfect.

"What a beautiful day," said Midwestern State Head Mens' Basketball Coach Grant McCasland. "Thank God for that one because the hotter it gets, the tougher it gets. This morning it was cool, not a lot of wind; beautiful."

"Actually it was pretty good because it was nice and cool," said Collier. "It depends, I try to do a lot of sprints since it's my fourth one, I figured give it a shot at the short distance and get it for speed."

Some are racing to win, others, it's just pride.

"Great race with some great guys and I think I had a top five, top ten finish," said Francis. "It was awesome."

"I finished," said Corky Oglesby. "I finished. It was fine, it was pretty easy, there weren't a lot of tough hills."

"Well, it feels really great," said Wright. "I really just want to go home right now, get some rest."

It's a one of kind bike race. The Hotter'N Hell Hundred is tough, but tons of fun along the way.

"The best part about this ride is the people along the way, the event organizers, the people that are helping out with the race," said McCasland.

"That's why were here. Probably the best race we go to."

The goal of the race wasn't who took first or last, as long you finish, you achieve victory. Everyone who rode, they made it to the end.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 Hotter'N Hell Riders!