Local Business Robbed

The restaurant robbed Sunday morning was Buffalo Wild Wings, a very popular and often crowded sports bar.

Their reactions are all the same.

"It puts fear into everybody," said Bethany Long.

"It made me not want to go out to eat anywhere," said LaTonjdrea Johnson.

"It just shocks me," said Devon Hunter

After hearing about an armed robbery at Buffalo Wild Wings Devon Hunter took the news in a state of shock.

"It's one of my favorite restaurants and it will cause me to look around with a bit of suspicion when I go there," said Hunter.

He ate at the restaurant Saturday night with a group of friends and is quite thankful he wasn't there early this morning.

That's when police say at 8:20 am a masked gunman stormed into the business through a back door, armed with a handgun, he ordered all employees into the walk-in freezer and demanded money from the safe.

He got away with $2,500 from the safe and the surveillance video got away with his picture.

This terrifying incident wasn't just scary for the employees affected, but even frequent customers like Bethany Long, "It's kind of scary this is a small town you don't think much would go on.

It just shocks me that's there's people here in a small town like Wichita Falls that would have the audacity to walk into a place like Buffalo Wild Wings with a gun," said Hunter.

Employees describe the gunman as a black male, small to medium build, between 5'6 and 5'9.  He wore light-colored pants and a two-toned dark-colored hoodie.  Police are investigating the case and hope to put the robber behind bars.

Police are asking anyone who can identify the suspect to call crime stopper at  322-9888. You can remain anonymous and you could earn a cash reward.

Buffalo Wild Wings is open for business as usual and is relying on police to find the gunman.