Christian Men's Job Corps

Wichita Falls is starting a Christian Men's Job Corps.
Monday a luncheon was held at the Colonial Baptist Church on Maplewood.
Christian Women's Job Corps started eight years ago on 9th street by Floral Heights.
They've gotten their feet on the ground, so they are starting the men's.
The executive director of the Women's Job Corps says there has been a lot of demand to start the men's.

Gabriela Nesbitt, Executive Director Of Christian Women's Job Corps told Newschannel Six, "There is a great demand here in the community we have had men come in our office and asked us when we could start up a Christian Men's Job Corps with there feed base and the community as well we are talking that and running with it."

This is to help to make contacts, and network. The luncheon was to try to get people to invest in the program.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6