New Program Helps Strengthen Men

There is a new resource aimed specifically toward helping certain Texomans better their lives.

The Christian Women's Job Corp is starting a new program just for men.

Many people in our community are struggling to find a job, rebound from a divorce, or simply to just be a better father. That's why the Christian Women's Job Corp is using the principles from its successful mentoring plan and tailoring it specifically to men.

As the Executive Director Gabriela Nesbitt explains, this new program is for anyone who just wants to get their life back on track.

"We serve everybody," says Nesbitt, "Anybody who wants to be encouraged, empowered, and educated through our program."

That's the mission of the Christian Women's Job Corps. The Corp, started 8 years ago on 9th St. by Floral Heights, focuses on life principles to help make people better in all aspects of their lives.

Ms. Nesbitt says the effects of the program are powerful.

"These women have better paying jobs," she says, "They've gone up to higher education and actually have gotten their G.E.D along the way as well."

So far, 157 women have graduated through the program. On Monday, a luncheon was held at the Colonial Baptist Church on Maplewood to launch a new male focused organization. The meeting helped to spread the principles of the new ministry while helping it's attendees network. But Nesbitt tells us, the main thing men should take away from the Christian Men's Job Corp is that it will help you not only in your career, but in your life.

"This program will help you in many ways," says Nesbitt, "Not only spiritually, but also to help build your life."

Nesbitt explains that no one will be turned away from the program. She stressed the Christian Men's Corp is directing it's resources to help any man, no matter the background or problems. She is also confident through the community's help, the Christian Men's Job Corp will help create stronger families and better men.

Monday's luncheon also helped serve as a fundraiser for the Corp. if you would like to donate your time or treasures, contact the Christian Men's Job Corp.