Raising Awareness for Pediatric Cancer

Each and every day 46 families in the United States are told their child has cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

There's a Texoma family at the forefront of the fight against childhood cancer. Jennifer Cartwright's three-year-old son is in remission. She says mothers play multiple roles on a daily basis, but having a child with cancer is a unique role only a few understand.

"I'm a 'Momcologist' that's the woman that can go in and tell you my child had six radiations and I can give shots like the best of the nurses out there," said Jennifer Cartwright.

Jennifer's son was diagnosed with cancer last summer when he was just shy of two-years-old.

"You know all those normal things you do as a family come to a screeching halt in an instant," said Cartwright.

Zach Cartwright had a couple sleepless nights and to be on the safe side Jennifer took him to the doctor. A minor check-up turned into something much more serious.

"Thoughts, dreams and ideas of what I thought life would be like for the next couple of months all stopped. It crashes down on you," said Cartwright.

The doctor found a tumor the size of a softball in the two-year-olds abdomen. He was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a fast-growing, highly malignant tumor which accounts for over half of the soft tissue sarcomas in children.

"You would eat, sleep, breath your child and cancer treatment it's a crash course in cancer treatment for the first eighteen days," said Cartwright.

Today, Zach is in remission. He is a healthy three-year-old who just started Pre-K.  However, Jennifer knows more mother's are getting devastating news each day.

"Breathe you'll get through it,  take it one minute at a time, mourn the loss of what you know and then embrace what's coming," said Cartwright.

Her next mission is to get Texomans wearing gold ribbons to honor those with pediatric cancer.

"We want to make gold and gold ribbons the as popular as pink ribbons so when you think pink you think gold," said Cartwright.

Jennifer and volunteers will be having a bake sale at the Texas Oklahoma Fair to help raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research.

Samantha Jordan, Newschannel Six