Mideast Peace Talks In Washington

It's more peace talks on Thursday between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

And for the second time in two days Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas will meet face to face.

Wednesday the two leaders met one-on-one with President Obama before he hosted a dinner for them Wednesday evening.

The President's goal -- strike a deal by next year with the countries by creating a sovereign state for Palestine and giving Israel security guarantees.

"Our goal is a two-state solution that ends the conflict and ensures the rights and security of both Israelis and Palestinians," President Obama said. "And despite the inevitable challenges, we have never wavered in pursuit of this goal."

A few of issues that have divided the two countries for years: The borders of a Palestinian state, Israeli security and Jerusalem, whether Palestinians can claim it as their capital too.

Earlier this week, gunmen from Hamas attempted to disrupt the peace talk discussions by killing four Israelis.

Palestinian security forces swept the West Bank arresting more than 250 Hamas members.