Kathie Glass in Wichita Falls

Kathie Glass is the Libertarian nominee for Texas Governor. She says her main goal in Texoma is to make a breakthrough with Wichita Falls and the Texas Tea Party.

"I'm telling the people of the Tea Party and all the Liberty activist people who believe in limited Constitution government that in this race, I'm not just another choice for governor, I'm their only choice," said Glass

Newschannel Six sat down one on one with Kathie Glass pressing her about her stance on the issues Texomans care most about: immigration, Texas sovereignty, taxes,  and border security. However, the candidate would not go into specifics on how to address the issues.

"I'm the only one who stands for pushing back against Washington, securing our border, lowering our taxes, including eliminating our property taxes and securing our private property rights. Those are the things I stand for and if they agree with me they'll need to vote for me to get the things they want ," said Glass

Glass is a Houston civil liberty lawyer who served with the Libertarian party and the Republican party and even though she admits she is the underdog of the race she still feels she can make a change.

She has what she calls her 'Five Point Lone Star Plan' to address the issues, but still when pressed for details she would only give broad answers.

"The points that I stand for Texas sovereignty, secure Texas borders, drastically cut budgets and strengthen property rights. Those are the things you can't get through other candidates," said Glass.

If Glass wins the election, she would be the first Libertarian Texas Governor in history.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6.