Illegal Hunting in Wichita Falls

A Texoma man was arrested for the possession of exotic livestock.

39-year-old Stephen Paul Riley of Olney is accused of stealing deer and elk and using their antlers as trophies.

Newschannel 6 found out elk is considered an exotic animal in Texas and poaching is an on-going problem game wardens face every day.

"Next time you might be out there and you think nobody is watching you, look in your rear view mirror. we might be out there," said Game Warden Steven Cantu.  "We're usually out where you least expect people to be out."

Game Warden Cantu says poaching is an ongoing problem in North Texas. If there are deer in the area you can expect to have some illegal hunting activities.

"If you're out there and you're shooting from a public road it's illegal," said Cantu. "Or a public right of way and shooting into someone's property without authority or having consent from that landowner it varies from a class a to a felony."

Hunting enthusiast be warned, if you are hunting in Texas you better have a license. Anyone caught engaging in illegal hunting will be fined a hefty amount.

"It varies from the number of birds you shoot to the size of the rack in the deer's antlers,"said  Cantu

And you must pay fines in full before being able to legally hunt or fish again.

"You cannot buy or purchase your hunting license until you're done paying that," said Cantu.

And make sure you keep up with hunting and fishing regulations because laws could change at anytime.

"There's a new restriction here in Wichita County with the 13- inch spread of the antlers... the inside spread of the two main beams has to be wider than 13-inches," said Cantu.

The Olney man accused of stealing elk is facing a felony crime, and fines up to $100,000.

He posted bond on Tuesday.