Fire Chief of Newcastle Resigns

The Mayor of the small community of Newcastle has leveled some serious accusations against the city's Fire Chief.

Sunday evening the community was invited to sound off on those accusations.

There was certainly a lot of tension at the meeting, most of it focused on Newcastle Fire Chief Calvin Daigle and members of the community.

Before the meeting would end that tension would prove to be too much for Chief Daigle, he resigned as Fire Chief along with the departments Chaplin who was also a Second Lieutenant.

Daigle served as Chief of the Newcastle Fire Department for the past two and a half years.  And until recently the Mayor of Newcastle Stephen Sosinski and community members have been looking into financial statements made by Daigle and the department.

They've come across some startling numbers, according to community member, Pooch Williams, in about a year the department's bank account has gone from having $67,000  to a little more than $800 as of August 30.

"Here are some examples of unnecessary and unaccounted spending.  The first one is over $900 in 13 days on a debit card to Wal Mart.  The total of all spending at Wal Mart is a little over $1,800," said Williams.

In response to those allegations Chad Lincoln, the Public Information Officer of Newcastle Fire Department stated, "We do not have the appropriate structure gear in order to fight structure fires, so the gear we get is the gear we need."

Daigle did not want to appear on camera but says all the money spent was used solely for the department and equipment they needed.

There were some statements from spending that were unaccounted for, Daigle did say he would present that information at the following meeting, but then he resigned.

Mayor Stephen Sosinski was relieved of his position as Assistant Fire Chief as of last week.  Former Chief Daigle says under bylaws he did not have at least one year to serve on that position and the Young County Rural Fire Department Board Of Directors is the organization who voted on that change.

"According to the county meeting we had last Tuesday night the bylaws that we were currently operating under state he was not eligible to hold the office based under currently bylaws--so therefore he is not eligible to be assistant chief," said Lincoln.