Working On Labor Day

As kids are home from school and many Texomans off work, retailers are in full force on this Labor Day.

Trying to take advantage of consumers free time and pocket book.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers looks at whether it's worth it to work on the holiday of rest.

"The consumers are off and they have more time to shop and we try to be here as a convenience for the customers," Mattress World and Rustic Furniture owner Danny Buck.

Locally owned or national chains, retail stores across Wichita Falls are rolling out the sales to lure in consumers.

You'll see the ads, the signs, sidewalk sales and tents.

Employees working over-time, to get you to come in on your day off.

"Some years we're covered up with customers and some years they're all at the lake and you never know what to expect so we open up and hope for the best," Buck said.

Mattress World and Rustic Furniture is open almost every holiday.

Owner Danny Buck said while Monday is busy, some indecisive customers will even carry over into Tuesday.

We also found several other stores that extended their hours and are bringing in all hands on deck, open to close.

So, what do those of you who are taking it easy think of stores being open on the holiday meant to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers?

"Probably try to pick up a few more nickels because of the down economy but it would be nice if they could all go home and take a day off for Labor Day, but everyone chases a buck," Phil Hancock said.

"That's normally when people are off work and when they're going to get most of their shoppers if anything to boost the economy," Kent Burnett said.

Mattress World employees get a day off during the week for working Labor Day, but, does it make up for being able to celebrate the end of summer?

"Occasionally you feel like you're missing out on family get togethers and stuff like that but that's part of it," Buck said.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6