Things You Should Know About Flu Shots

With rainy weather and school both keeping people indoors and in close proximity to each other, conditions are right for the flu to start spreading like wildfire.

Every year at about this time, many people wonder if a flu shot is something they should get.  Wichita County Health District Nursing Administrator Kelly Kea says 'yes' is the simplest answer.

"The recommendation is that anyone six months and over should get a flu vaccine. That's regardless of whether you're healthy, elderly, young," she said.

But some people we spoke with say they feel healthy enough they're not worried about the flu.

"Really, I just don't get sick much," said Oliver Gray.

Just last year, however, 220,000 people across the United States were hospitalized due to flu complications -- many of those were thanks to H1N1. But this year, you won't have to worry about getting multiple vaccines for different strains.

"This year, H1N1 is included in the seasonal flu vaccine, so it will just be one vaccine," Kea said.

One vaccine, three different strains. Experts monitor the most prevalent strains from the previous year to include them in the current year. Kea says people with asthma, reactive airway disease, or allergies are more prone to serious complications from the flu. Other people we talked to say going without a flu shot just isn't worth the risk.

"I've never had a problem with the flu shots," said Donald Holle.

"I take my flu shot every year. Every year I take my flu shot. I don't want to get the flu. I know how sick that can make you," said Luella Pruett.

"It's just better to protect yourself as well as all the people you're around every day," Kea said.  
Even Gray who doesn't get vaccinated, says it's probably a wise idea for people to do.

Many pharmacies in Wichita Falls already have their shipments of shots or nasal mists in. Even if you've already had the flu this year, Kea says there is still merit in getting vaccinated, because you can get protected from other strains.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6