Graham Ready To "Back The Badge"

This weekend Graham residents are being asked to help the men and women who help them.
The Graham Citizens Police Auxiliary is hosting the "Back the Badge" on the Downtown Square.
They are raising money to purchase a drug dog and other equipment the Graham Police Department needs.
Auxiliary President Mike Elmore said, "We don't have a drug dog in this area. Breckenridge has one and Jacksboro has one, but Graham does not have one. There's a K-9 with the sheriff's office, but he may be in Olney when we need him. You can only hold a person so long. We're trying to help with a drug dog."
"Back the Badge" runs on Saturday from 10am to 3pm. It features a variety of events. A motorcycle run will get underway at 10:45am. It runs to Possum Kingdom Lake and back. There will also be a dunking booth where several police officers including the Chief will be participating. There are also many activities for the kids. There will be food and live music during the entire event.
The Auxiliary is hoping to raise $7,000. It won't be enough to buy a dog but it will at least help when they are ready to make that purchase.