Texoma Leaders Divided Over Obama Tax Proposal

President Barack Obama, Wednesday, laid out his much anticipated plan for the future of taxes. His proposal? To make middle class tax breaks permanent, and put the tax rate for the upper 2% of Americans back to where it was before the Bush tax cuts.

Rep. Mac Thornberry said that plan will hurt business and cost America jobs. Speaking via telephone from Capitol Hill he said "A lot of those people, or those tax returns that look to be in the upper some odd percent are actually small businesses... So, in a lot of ways it's the very job creators we need that (Obama) wants to punish."

Texoma Democratic activist and columnist Roberta Sund says taxes are not the enemy, and that the top 2% should bear more of a burden. Sund said "We need that money, that's their fair-share to cut down on this tremendous debt."

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire in January. With Mid-Term Elections coming up in November, The issue of what to do about them is an issue of contention.

Rep. Randy Naugebauer said quote "Stopping the tax increases and reducing spending are the answers our economy needs."

Sund, however feels that a spirit of bi-partisan cooperation might push progress forward. She expressed regret and disappointment about the climate in Congress. "(Congressional Republicans) seem to say 'just say no' hoping that the Obama Administration will fail and they can say 'na-na na-na you failed'. That's so childish and ridiculous!"

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6.