PT Sheppard AFB Safety Measures

Three weeks ago, Senior Airman Troy Edwards of Nevada collapsed on the running track during PT.

He was 1 of about 4,100 airmen in training at Sheppard and officials are making sure they take every precaution to keep them safe.

"For the airman in training what we do is create and develop three workouts a week for them and they have pt on Mondays Wednesday and Thursday," said John Martin, Exercise Physiologist, Sheppard AFB

Martin has been at Sheppard for about 6 years now and is the Exercise Physiologist at the Health and Wellness Center. He and his colleagues are not only responsible for ensuring airmen and permanent personnel stay fit on base, but are safe while doing it.

"We cover risks factors and safety by making sure we put the airmen in ability groups and making sure we're not tasking them too much, so we need to ride that line where we definitely over load them, but don't want to over train them," said Martin

PT consists of 4 components: 1. warm up, to stimulate the muscles and nervous system, 2. combat that works on cardiovascular, strength and speed, 3. a cool down, to bring down the heart rate  and 4. stretching. Physical training leaders are careful not to push airmen past their limits.

"What we try to do is put people in ability group levels advanced, intermediate and beginner and we teach through our PTL course," said Martin.

Physical training leaders are always watching for warning signs that someone might need medical attention.

"The other thing that is required of the PTL is they have to be CPR and AED certified so if we see somebody go down they know what to do because they are the first to respond," said Martin

Martin did say they encourage the airmen in training to work out a couple of days extra to maintain a high level of fitness since they are required to pass their fitness test twice a year.

Medical personnel did use an AED on Senior Airmen Edwards when he collapsed on the scene. He was later transported to United Regional where he died 2 days later.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6