Meals On Wheels Asking for Your Help

For the past few months Meals On Wheels has been struggling to keep the wheels spinning.

For the first time in years they're asking for your monetary donations to help them feed the disabled and elderly who rely on the organization.

For the past four years Christina Garcia has opened her door to a fresh, warm meal.

"It's like somebody's checking on you, that you're all right," said Garcia.

Years ago she was rear ended by another car and hasn't been the same since.  She now relies on Meals On Wheels to offer her a hot meal and give her some company.

"They've done stuff for me that absolutely left me with my mouth open, because of their generosity," said Garcia.

"There are more people who need are services than years before," said Kayla Watts with Meals on Wheels.  She says they're serving about 750 citizens a day.  The cost for each meal is a little less than $6.  Multiply those two and it comes out to a staggering number, more than 1.5 million a year.

"Without the monetary donations that we've relied on for so many years we have to look at cost cutting measures," said Watts.

The program is still receiving funding by local foundations and grants.  But the backbone of support, private donors, is slipping away.

"The community has always stepped up when we need them and I'm sure this will be no different," said Watts.

"You're never going to know when you're going to need the help yourself, I never believed I'd
get to this situation," said Garcia.

And with that message Christina hopes to keep receiving her slice of the bread.

If you would like to donate you can contact the Senior Citizens Services of North Texas here or call 940-322-6232.

They also holds luncheons at two locations:  One at the Red Door and the other at the Martin Luther King Center.

The suggested donation is $3 a meal but they won't turn away a senior citizen who can't afford to pay.