K2 Banned in Graham

K2 or Spice is now officially banned in the city of Graham.

The drug is a synthetic substance that produces a marijuana-like high when it's smoked and just last week anyone could buy K2 in stores.

Tim Mills, the Executive Director of Turning Point in Graham said that "you have children killing themselves basically with that stuff."

The Graham Mayor Barry White agrees, "We came to the conclusion that it was best for the city to ban this product."

Members around the community are also happy about the ban. One said, "I'm glad they banned it. I think any substance that hinders a person's ability is not good."

Another person echoed that same sentiment saying "the sooner they get things like that out, the better our kids off, the better our parents are, the better our community is."

Although K2 is marketed as incense, many people around the country and here in Texoma smoke it to get high. According to medical professionals, K2 produces effects that are 3 to 100 times more potent than marijuana.

K2 has even been linked to death which is a clear indicator to the Graham Mayor that something had to be done.

"I don't think it can do anything but help, it certainly can't hurt," said Mayor White, "anytime you are taking something off the street that can be used to, for a lack of a better word, get high and then if the kids are driving their vehicles around. That can't be safe. So from that standpoint, the council did the right thing."

Just last week, anyone could just walk into a convenience store and buy K2. Newschannel 6 even did it and all we had to do was show a valid driver's license. The Mayor said that since the ban, there is no more K2 being sold.

"It's not available at those locations anymore in Graham," he says.

K2 isn't the only thing that's prohibited. Anyone who has or sells paraphernalia to smoke K2 will be in violation of the ordinance.

"Those pipes and bongs and everything else isn't being sold," said Mills, "that's the one less thing that the children can get their hands on."

Tim Mills said there are more legal ways that kids are getting high. In fact, he told Newschannel 6 that an energy drink known as "lean" actually has Codeine-like effects and kids are abusing the drink. Mr. Mills along with Turning Point are investigating the effects and are hoping the city of Graham will ban the sale of that substance as well.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6