Electra Considers K2 Ban

There is another possible k2 ban in Texoma.

A third Texoma town is starting discussions on outlawing synthetic marijuana from being sold or possessed within its city limits.

Minutes after Newschannel 6 aired a story about a k2 ban in Graham Wednesday, the Electra Police Chief called the newsroom asking about the ordinance.

Less than 24 hours later, some Electra City Commissioners are now looking into their very own ban on the synthetic substance known as "spice" or k2.

Some people in Electra say that the drug can be found in their city.

"I know it's here," says one mom, "I've heard of some of the teenagers here in Electra that are doing it or have done it."

Another resident agrees"drugs are prevalent anywhere you go."

Even a young worker agrees saying, "I've heard of it. I know it's around. I don't think its really a good thing."

But some people in say k2 is not in Electra and it's not a problem.

"I've been here for 7 years and I've been to every place around town and it's not sold here," explains one resident.

Newschannel 6 went to gas stations and mini marts looking for k2. Most of the time, people working the counters didn't even know what the substance was. Even the Police Chief was calling various places to confirm that k2 was not on the shelves.

Whether it's being sold in the city or not, people are saying k2 is dangerous.

Tim Mills, the Executive Director of Turning Point in Graham says that "it's been linked to several deaths, just in Texas after a single use and that's--we're not talking about repeated use, we're just talking about first time use."

"I wish Electra would step up and do something about it," says one mom, "you know because it is affecting our teenagers and I have one in high school and junior high."

Parents who do catch their kids with k2, should get them checked out immediately.

"They should get their children evaluated and make sure that its not a problem that's been going on for a while," says Mills, "because a lot of times when parents catch their children, it's after the children have been doing it for a while."

For one mom, the city needs to do something to stop an ever growing problem.

"I think that Electra needs to step up and realize that it is a problem," one Electra resident says, "It's a problem here, it's a problem in all the small towns."

Although Newschannel 6 didn't personally find any k2 being sold in Electra, people did say that it is on the streets and is easily accessible to kids.

Newschannel 6 did speak to several Electra Commissioners on Thursday. Commissioner Margie Scott says she plans to personally bring up the k2 topic when the council meets again on September 14th.

K2 is currently banned in 13 Texas towns including Graham, Olney, Plano and Dallas.

State Senator Florence Shipiro says she hopes to ban the sale of k2 statewide.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6