Gas Line Explosion Kills One And Damages Dozens Of Homes

One person is dead and more than 50 homes destroyed because of a massive fireball in northern California.

Officials said it's all because of a gas line explosion.

It happened Thursday evening in a residential neighborhood south of San Francisco.

Fire crews said it will take at least until Friday afternoon to do a full search for more victims.

Along with the 53 destroyed, 120 homes were damaged in the blast.

Residents fleeing the flames were treated at nearby evacuation centers.

"The fireball was a hundred feet or more in the air. I'm a firefighter, so I knew it was a major, major thing. And it just would not stop, so we knew it was some kind of gas main, literally fire one hundred feet in the air," one man said.

Firefighters are working to put out the large blaze, which they say is about 50 percent contained.

Right now officials do not know how many people are missing or injured.