Detention Officer Terminated By The Wichita Co. Sheriff's Office

A Wichita County Officer has been terminated by the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriffs deputies were called to the jail annex because two inmates  22-year-old Daniel Cecilio Ramos and 19-year-old James Thomas McClendon wanted to give a statement about the escape from the annex.

Both Ramos and McClendon gave statements separately saying Officer Jared Don Fowler brought marijuana to tank 8/2. Ramos stated Fowler was the only jailer that could be influenced to bring in contraband.

Fowler gave a statement saying he was intimidated into bringing the contraband into the jail facility, that on several occasions 22-year-old Jimmy Noel Hughes threatened to harm him if he didn't cooperate.

Officials say past reports reflect detention officers had detected the smell of marijuana in the 'lower eights' on two occasions in the past 30 days, and that marijuana had been recovered from tank 8/2 during a recent shake down.

Fowler is facing charges of prohibited substance in a correctional facility.