Special Teams: Hirschi High School Cheerleaders

In Texas, Friday nights in the falls are almost sacred -- high school football is king.

But believe it or not, some people head to the stadium to see more than just the team.

Aside from the offense and the defense, there are the special teams -- not just for kick-offs and field goals but outside groups that help support the football teams.

Between the helmets cracking, and the whistles blowing, the crowd at memorial stadium can hear one thing prominently -- the personification of school spirit itself in the Hirschi High School Cheerleaders.

These cheerleaders say cheering is so much more activity than it looks like. They all made it through a nerve-racking try-out to get picked for the squad.

"We have to do three jumps and present our cheer and chant; we do it along with two others of our teammates," says Senior Bailey Matlock.

Their work can be tough, but they say it's worth the sweat, strain, and stretching.

Brandon Fudge, a Hirschi senior told Newschannel 6, "It can get frustrating whenever you can't get something down, but once you get it, you have that feeling and you're proud of yourself."

As a squad, they do what they can to get Hirschi fans behind the football players. As teammates, they're so close some of them even finish each other's sentences!

"We provide more spirit, and it gets the team pumped up. It gets the crowd ready to help them cheer on our team. I think it gets them pumped up so they'll play harder and get their spirits up," Juniors Sarah Glover and Ashley Washington told us.

"What they really would desire was if the crowd was really there for all of the teams," Cheerleader sponsor Stephenie Willis-Koontz told us.

Aside from football games and the two and a half-hour practices, the cheerleaders also support all other Hirschi teams, and even the band. Their sponsor, Stephenie Willis--Koontz says school spirit at Hirschi is growing. "I think our cheerleaders and their love for their school, bleeding red and blue, is partially responsible for that."

Even though they don't put points on the scoreboard, the cheer squad is definitely one of Friday night's special teams.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6.