School Zones & Cell Phones: Understanding the Laws

There is some chatter among parents of the Wichita Falls Independent School District about how cell phone safety in school zones is being enforced. Just a year ago cell phones were banned in school zones statewide. We've been following the law's impact in Texoma. At just over two weeks since the school year began--there has been some confusion about the rule.

Parents told us this week at Jefferson Elementary, a police officer cited a parent who was on their phone while parked in the school line waiting for their child to get out of class.

"I think that if you're parked waiting on your child or waiting on the traffic to move you should be able to do whatever you want in your car. Use your cell phone, text, call...whatever you want to do. Going down the street you should not be able to use it," parent Tina Lucas told Newschannel 6.

However law enforcement officials say they have no knowledge of the incident. Due to state law section 545.425, cell phones can be used in school zones, but only if your car is at a complete stand still.

Regardless if your car is moving or parked, parents be sure to keep your eyes open because its your child's safety at risk.

Driving with a cell phone through a school zone will land you a hefty ticket of 200 dollars.

Samantha Jordan, Newschannel 6