Landmark Restaurant to Reopen Monday

It's been almost three months since Casa Manana, a landmark downtown restaurant, caught fire.  Now after months of working to restore the business, it's set to open on Monday.

Owners Larry and Vicky Karr were in full swing Sunday alongside family and friends to met the deadline of opening at 11:30 am.

This was the scene not too long ago, flames plummeting into thin air when the kitchen from Casa Manana set fire.  The blaze caved the ceiling in and created a mess to clean up.

"It's been a busy three months," said owner Larry Karr.

But now, months later, the tables are set up, the booths are eagerly awaiting to be filled, salt and pepper shakers are ready to be used and drapes now hang to separate each table.

"The food is already been restocked, already cooked and ready for tomorrow.  Monday is
the day," said Karr.

It's the day him and his wife, the owners of Casa Manana have been waiting for.

"I'm excited, it's just like opening a brand new place again."

In the restaurants 63 years of existence never has it been closed, so for months they've worked to restore it to the condition it was before the fire.

"We've had ozone machines and we've had special chemicals to take the smoke off, and a lot
stuff is brand new, so it's never been in a fire before."

Like the new chip maker.

"The red tacos and the chips are coming out of a brand new machine, so it should be great.  Mentally the Karrs knew the day would come when they would reopen, but emotionally it was a little harder to grasp.  Now hours away from the big day they say it's nothing short of a  bittersweet moment.

Weekdays Casa Manana will operate from 11:30 to 7:30 PM.  Friday and Saturday nights they will be extending their hours and will now stay open until 10 PM.

Owner Larry Karr says almost 90 percent of the employees will be returning back.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.