Two Women Accused of "Smurfing"

A tip from Decatur police has landed two women behind bars.

Deputies said officers called August 18th, alerting them to a suspicious vehicle headed into Wichita County.

Deputies followed the car into Wichita Falls and stopped the driver for a traffic violation in the 1800 block of Collins.

The car was driven by Shirldean Deann Baker, 32. Her passenger was Robin Jean Wells.

Deputies searched the car, and said they found a glass smoking pipe, digital scales and more than 300 pseudoephederine tablets. Those tablets are a common ingredient in making methamphetamine.

Deputies said Wells later confessed to buying the tablets at three different stores in Denton, bypassing laws which limit the purchase of the tablets. Officials said this is an act commonly referred to as 'smurfing.'

Both women face charges of possession or transport of certain chemicals with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.