Master Magician Helps Kick Off Texas/Oklahoma Fair

Event organizers for the Texas Oklahoma Fair brought in master magician Mario Manzini to help kick off the fair during a press conference.

He paid tribute to Houdini with a dangerous feat. Wichita County Sheriff David Duke handcuffed the escape artist, who was then dumped into the Howard Johnson indoor pool.

Manzini was able to escape and said, " About a minute, two minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more. It's hard to say. Every time it's different, even though it's the same handcuffs, or maybe a few different ones, but it depends, you know, on my hands. How tight they are, whatever. I'm just going to try and do it as fast as I can."

Lions Club Chairman Dub Brackeen said, "This is the great Manzini's 1st Wichita Falls performance, but for 35 years this world champion escape artist has amazed audiences in all 50 states plus Europe."

The Texas Oklahoma Fair kicks off tomorrow at six. Newschannel 6 will begin live coverage starting at five. The Fair lasts through Saturday at the MPEC. It's open six to ten on weeknights and one to ten on Saturday.