Events Continue to Bring Revenue & Boost Economy

August was a busy month for the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

It started with Ranch Round-up, then led into Hotter N'Hell  and ended with the Hog Rally, but it's not over yet, in fact it's just getting started.

The Texas Oklahoma State Fair is expected to bring in thousands of people.

With an expected attendance of more than 100,000 people the city is preparing for even more tourists and more money.

In just one day, all the rides will be up, and the Ferris Wheel will be spinning, all in hopes of generating money for the city.

"Anytime that we have an event like this it's definitely a revenue generator," said Lindsay Greer, director of the Convention & Visitors Bureau

More than a 100,000 people will walk in and out of the fair grounds at the MPEC and to vendors in the exhibit hall, selling anything from clothes to food.

"These people know what they're doing so we basically stand back and let them set up the rides and work with them in the exhibit hall," said Bob Sullivan, executive director of the MPEC.

Mid-August's Hotter N'Hell registration participants were well above last year.  The Visitors Bureau sent out a survey to riders to get an idea on their spending amounts, they'll know in a few weeks but they expect it is an increase from 2009.

"You hope it equates to more spending out in the community," said Greer.

Spending at shops, restaurants, and hotels, and they have an idea on why more people are out and about.

"The economy is not quite back up, but we're getting there and slowly getting back up to where people are getting comfortable spending," she said.

There's certainly more of that to come, with the Wildcats season opener next week and a convention that same weekend bringing in about a thousand people.

"Anytime we have people coming into the community and spending money we've done our job," said Sullivan.

Also this weekend is the 29th annual North Texas Corvette Roundup.  It's held on Friday and Saturday at Holiday Inn by The Falls.

The Visitors Bureau says competition is getting stiffer between cities trying to win over events, but they've done well so far.

At the end of the month the first annual trike riders, the three wheel motorcycles will come together for a rally.  For more information about that, click here.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.