Gasoline Leak In Archer City Shuts Down Part of Highway 79

Part of Highway 79 will remain closed indefinitely as crews work to clean up a gas leak.

Around 9 p.m. Monday a business in Archer City reported the leak on South Center Street. There were reports of an odor around Oodles Grocery Store and a gas station.

The source of the smell was coming from the parking lot of Oodles.

City officials and emergency responders working in close cooperation with Archer County & TXDOT assessed the problem and took immediate action. A business owner contacted an environmental remediation specialist. Specialized trucks were also brought in to remove the fuel.

As a precaution Center Street (Hwy 79) was rerouted through a portion of Archer City and will remain closed until further notice.

Oodles and the Allsups across the street are also closed Tuesday.

Mayor David Levy expressed his appreciation for the combined efforts of the Archer City Volunteer Fire Department, Archer City Police Department, Archer City Ambulance Service and City staff, along with Archer County Judge Gary Beesinger, Archer County Emergency Management and Texas Department of Transportation.