Inside Texoma: Backstage at Pageants

We're taking a closer look into the life of Texoma Pageant girls. How local pageants are shaping their lives and how these teens and their parents respond to criticism they may face. Also how being in pageants has helped build self-esteem and even launch a few careers.  We sat down with Miss Grandfield 2010 Jobeth Bryan and her father Ben Bryan. This was her first time to win the crown. We found out what she has planned for this year and also hear how the experienced has changed her fathers views on pageants.  We also talked to Former Miss Oklahoma Julie Coody about her experience as a Pageant Queen and what she is doing now to help other young women achieve the same goal while building confidence.  Coody has also used her talent in pageants to open up a dance studio that has a positive impact on Texoma girls lives every day.