Jenna Bush Hager Visits Wichita Falls

All 500 seats at the Wichita Falls Country Club were sold out today.

"I'm excited about the turnout.  I didn't know this many women in Wichita Falls were so interested in getting together for leadership council and supporting the council," said Stephanie Gorham, Power of the Purse hostess.

"It's definitely gained momentum every year. So, this is definitely the biggest, and we credit Jenna for that, " said Lynn Moran, Women's Leadership council member.

The women's leadership council is part of the North Texas Area United Way.  For the past four years the group has focused it's efforts on early childhood education.  This year's guest speaker definitely gained some extra awareness for the cause, and her background makes her a fitting choice.  Not only is Jenna Bush Hager the daughter of former president George W. Bush, she's an author of a New York Times best seller and an active teacher.

"As a teacher for third grade in D.C.,  I was shocked in the difference in students whose parents could read and those whose parents couldn't," said Hager.

Hager told the stories of women she's met living in poverty, sick, and trying to care for several children.  She shared how they touched her life and the importance education played in helping them overcome their struggles.

"I've seen first hand how quality education gives students a chance to excel and break the cycle of poverty they were born into," said Hager.

"I think it's something we need to focus on in this town. It's something that gets swept under the rug and not much awareness so I'm completely supportive of it," said Gorham.

The Purse Auction raised money for Dolly Parton's charity, Imagination Library.

Through that non-profit more than 2600 children five and younger in Wichita County are receiving free books each month.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6.