No Need For Seniors To Go Hungry In Texoma

There is a problem in Texoma that you may not have thought about... Hunger.

One of the groups that deals with it most is senior citizens. A national survey from the Meals on Wheels Association ranks hunger in senior citizens by state. The numbers for Texas are fairly alarming. The report shows more than 8% of senior citizens deal with hunger, making the Lone Star State 4th worst in the nation.

Turns out, at least in Texoma, there is no reason for it to be the case. The Friendly Door Senior Citizens Center fixes lunch 5 days a week at 12:00PM.

Jari Vassar with the Center explains, "We feed about 200 people a day, all of meals designed by a Dietitian they are 1/3 of the recommended daily value. (The seniors) get everything, all the way up to dessert. Vassar says price is never a sticking point. "For persons over 60, we do a suggested donation of $4.00 a meal, but we don't keep track of who pays and who doesn't."

The service fills a great need. According to data from the National Meals on Wheels Association, 8.9% the senior population in Texas goes hungry. The data shows some feel they have to choose between paying for other necessities like medications and putting food on the table. Others are just not able to prepare the food themselves. Either way, help is there. If seniors can't come to the meals, the meals can come to them.

"I think there is a misconception among our senior persons that Meals on Wheels is for people that cant afford to feed themselves and that just not the case. (The Friendly Door is) here to provide help to our seniors, to provide a service that they need", said Vassar.

The Friendly Door in Iowa Park is not the only program in Texoma filling the need. Newschannel6 checked around and every city we called had a senior nutrition program. If you know someone in need of the services, call the Friendly Door at (940) 592-9311.