Helping Senior Citizens Get Back To Work

In today's economy, people of all ages are returning to the workforce. The non-profit "Experience Work" wants to make it easier for Montague County seniors.

It wants to work with Montague County officials to get the program started there.

"It's older people who are 55 and older. Minimum wage isn't that much money, but when you're looking for a job and need a little extra cash and it's just 20 hours and it only last six months, they'll be some people taking advantage of it," said Montague County Judge Tommie Sappington.

The non-profit spoke with county commissioners Monday about becoming a host agency for the national community based organization.

"The hosting agency can have them up to six months at twenty hours a week. The Federal Government pays salary and its minimum wage," Judge Sappington said.

During that time, both "Experience Work" and Montague County will help older adults get the training they need to be competitive in the workforce.

Judge Sappington and the other commissioners will be looking at the contract.

Based on what Judge Sappington has seen, he says its something he'd certainly be interested in.

The program is on the Montague County's agenda and will be discussed on Sept. 27th.