Bond Reduction Denied For Muehleberger Fiance

The former fiance of Ross Muehleberger, the man accused of opening fire at Hastings and Toby's earlier this year, is being denied a bond reduction.
30th District Court Judge Bob Brotherton has ruled 30-year-old Pamela Sampley's bond will remain at $250,000 for a Terroristic Threat charge against her.
The charge stems from an incident five days after the April 20th shootings.
Wichita Falls Police say Sampley said she was going to quote "finish what Ross didn't do" while she was behind bars.
That trial is slated to begin in January.
There is another case pending against Sampley.
A Grand Jury has found there was enough to hold her over for trial for one out of seven counts of Deadly Conduct brought against her.
Police say Sampley was the driver when Muehlberger fired seven shots at home in a drive-by shooting.
We'll continue to follow these cases and bring you the latest as it happens.