Texoma Schools Working on a Budget

Each day Texoma schools struggle with the lack of resources they have and budget cuts that keep piling up. School districts across the state have been forced to cut school programs year after year ever since state funds froze 5 years ago.

Holliday hasn't had an art program in 5 years, it's just one way the district is trying to handle financial struggles. Even with a 1% budget increase this year, the district is still doing less with less.

"I really hope that people understand how hard the teachers and students are working in Texoma to be successful,  and how hard the schools are working to try to be sure that the kids have an education that they will benefit from," said Clarke Boyd, Superintendent, Holliday ISD.

Boyd believes the shortage of money in school districts is a problem, resources are scarce and that's forcing teachers to work in overdrive.

"Our teachers are working at a pace that is more frantic than in the past," said Boyd.

In Holliday the district is suffering even more, higher enrollment numbers should have increased state funding by $160,000. However, state funds are frozen and the district has a hard time getting approved for grants because it doesn't have enough economically disadvantaged students in the district.

"Our facilities are not quite where they need to be and our teachers still do a great job our kids perform well and our parents have been very supportive," said Boyd.

Boyd says the district is going to do the best it can in all situations and that means not just focusing on dollars and cents.

"If you spend all your time worrying about the money and what we're going to do you lose focus on what we're here for and we're here to educate kids," said Boyd.

Boyd says last year, booster clubs and parent organizations were able to raise an extra $200,000 for the district. That money helped fund student programs and facility upgrades.

The state has not said when it will lift the freeze on state funding. Boyd feels its vital for legislatures to do something positive for schools in Texas because they stress education is a priority in Texas.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6.