Special Teams: Concession Workers

"Pay attention! It's time to buy! It's coke time!"

Anyone who's been to even one game at Memorial Stadium has probably heard those words come from "Rockin" Roger Hinesh.  He's been running up those stairs selling concessions for 27 years.

"A lot of 'em are glad to see me there. They don't want to get up and hit the concession stand."

But of course, lots of people do fight the crowds at the concession stand to get the food they want.
Employees for Doug and Sybil Mathis, who have a contract to sell food at Memorial Stadium, show up at the stadium at least an hour and a half before kickoff to get ready for business. Rockin' Roger loads up on his specialty -- soft drinks.

"I report to my little station in there where they have the coolers with the bottles already in there coolin' off," said Hinesh.

He sells 60 or 70 cokes a game.  Not bad for a 72-year old who carries them all on his shoulders.
Meanwhile, half time is the craziest time for workers at the concession stands.

"Usually lasts until the third quarter's almost over," said Hinesh.

After the game, vendors still have about an hour before everything's cleaned up and put away. Rockin' roger expects to continue selling cokes for years to come.

"I'll continue on doin' it until I drop dead, evidently," said Hinesh.

Even though vendors are part of a special team, Roger still recognizes the other special teams at the stadium each week.

"The band members, the cheerleaders practicing in the heat...they're special, and I think more people need to come out here and support our kids," said Hinesh.

Spencer Blake, NewsChannel Six.