Record-Breaking Fair Attendance Raises Money for Organizations

The Texas Oklahoma Fair is over, but the work continues for the Founder Lions Club of Wichita Falls.  The organization now has the task of turning proceeds over to the community.

A club representative says they made more money at this year's fair than ever before.  The Lion's Club says this was a record-breaking year for attendance.

It estimates between 120,000 to 130,000 people made their way to the fair grounds.  That's about 30,000 more than last year; and more people means more money for the organization to give back.

Larry Miller, Founder Lions Club of Wichita Falls Treasurer says, "Last year the net from the fair was a little over $52,000."

And every cent went right back into the hands of the community, and this year won't be any different.  Several organizations will benefit from the Texas Oklahoma Fair and funds will be used for a variety of purposes.

"We provide funds for organizations like The Boys & Girls Club, Camp Fire, Boy Scouts, Habitat For Humanity," said Miller.

Now that rides have stopped turning it's time for the 50 members to sift through paperwork and do their best to lend a helping hand to all the organizations that need their help.

"It's wonderful.  We get notes periodically from children who have received eye glasses from us or children who have been able to go to camp via The Boys & Girls Club and Camp Fire."

Lions Club is the largest service club in the world, with chapters found in almost every city, the sole purpose is to serve the community and this local chapter has been doing that for 90 years.

"Our particular club is a founder club because it was one of the first 17 clubs in Lions International.  It was established in Dallas back in 1920."

Proceeds are made through entrance fees and fees charged for the 100 exhibitors.  The Lion's Club will add up cash generated from the carnival.

The Lions Club membership is open for all ages, males and females.  They're always looking for new members and if you're interested visit their website by clicking here.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6